Hey everyone! I am Dominic, one of the co-president for the MBS Club this year. I am currently a fifth year student in the Commerce program at the University of Alberta majoring in business technology management (BTM). I joined the SMO/MBS in my first year of business as a director in the marketing portfolio and that was the best decision I have made. Being a part of the MBS Club has allowed me to network with professionals and connect with fellow students here at ASOB. In addition, I'm very excited to work with this year's team to bring amazing events to ASOB. When I am not working on club or school work, you can find me playing sports such as golf during summer or snowboarding in the winter or spending my free time with my friends and family. Overall, I am looking forward to the rest of the year with the MBS team as we have some very exciting events coming up in the winter semester.

Hi, I am Owen this year's Co President. I am a 3rd year student here at the University of Alberta Majoring in SEM. I transferred from MacEwan last year and wanted to make the most of my university experience and decided to join the MBS Club. This was the best decision I ever made as it introduced me to so many amazing people. On top of the amazing culture it taught me about case competitions which Is where most of my free time now goes since I have become somewhat addicted to them. When I am not doing cases or clubs you can find me playing sports or getting Buldak at Hanjan. Overall I am super excited to be the president of a club I love so much. The team and I have some interesting and valuable events coming to ASOB this year consisting of some fan favourites and some new innovations. All of these will be coming in the winter semester so stay tuned and we hope to see you there!!