Connecting Cultures

A Conference on East - West Marketing Strategy

March 11, 2021

4:15PM - 9:30PM MST

Connecting Cultures: A Conference on East - West Marketing Strategy is an event sponsored by The China Institute, that will introduce how culture plays a big impact on how brands need to approach a new market. 


Unlike any event held at the University of Alberta before, this conference will have a focus at helping students and professionals around the world better understand Western and Asian interactions through a business and marketing lens. This event is open INTERNATIONALLY!


There will be 7 segments with different speakers discussing their experiences in the industry. You can register for each segment individually and come to all the segments you are interested in (hopefully all 7 so that you can get the most out of this event!).


Segments include:


4:15PM MST  - The Importance of Culture in Business (Presented by Edy Wong)


5:00PM MST  - Perceptions on Cross-Cultural Business and Internship Experiences (Presented by Sreyoshi Dey & Erin Williams)


5:45PM MST - An Introduction to Chinese Social Media (Presented by Olivia Plotnick)


6:30PM MST - The Internationalization and Success of Asian Brands in Canada (Presented by Mandy Siu)


7:15PM MST - Culture Technology and the Global Expansion of K-pop through S.M. Entertainment (Presented by Alex San Diego)


8:00PM MST - The Chinese Consumer & Digital Trends (Presented by Jons Slemmer)


8:45PM MST - Advancing Technology and Relationships Between the East and West (Presented by Myron Keehn)


To get access to the Zoom Webinar links, full speaker biographies, descriptions of each segment, and most importantly to REGISTER - please sign up for an account and “click” to attend the segments that you will be joining us for.


Note: This event has a limited capacity, so make sure to register early to reserve your spot! This event is in the form of a webinar, and will not require you to have your camera on or participate during the presentations, however, a Q&A function is available and questions WILL be answered during a Q&A portion of each segment.  

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