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January 30, 2021


Cipher is a unique competition that will be held for the second consecutive year. Teams of three students will be given clues to solve a specific company problem. They will have the opportunity to find out more by asking questions to find out more relevant information so they can then start deliberating within their group; solving the clues will allow them to build their understanding of the company and solve the problem(s) it is facing. Teams will then be given time to come up with a recommendation for the company based on their analysis and present it to a panel of judges.


Students will be scored on their ability to solve and ask the correct questions with professional communication, as well as their understanding, analysis and recommendation to the company. This event will be adapted to an online setting and participants will get the chance to win prize money. 


💥1st Place: $600

💥2nd Place: $300

💥3rd Place: $150


Sign up in teams of 3. Ticket cost per team: $30 ($10 per person)

Registration CLOSES on January 26 at 12PM


This event is in collaboration with ICA (Interdisciplinary Consulting Association) and in support of Accenture.